“Nancy Hurrell has created a ‘must-have’ collection of traditional music for harp ensembles.”

-Janet Jackson Witman, review in The Kilt and Harp

Nancy Hurrell's 

books of harp arrangements are popular with players around the world. The Ring of Harps, A Circle of Harps, and The Harpers Play Book are collections of traditional tunes from Britain and Ireland, published by Afghan Press. Books include solos, duets, and three-part multi-level harp ensembles, with the idea that each part is interesting to play, even the simplest part.


The Historical Harp Collection, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are arrangements of Medieval and Renaissance songs and dances for harp. The books include information on Renaissance Dance forms, and notes on performance practice and sources. Many of the pieces can be heard on Nancy's CD, Balletto.


“I’ve used other collections of medieval and renaissance music in the past - and generally average about 20% use per book. That’s not the case with these - they’re both a “WOW” find.”

- Mary Jane Ballou


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“Nancy Hurrell has created a ‘must-have&